Second Week and a Big Decision

So the second week of school is officially over and I have made a very big, possibly regrettable decision.

I have dropped my Art class.

Normally before I drop a class, I make a list of pros and cons and, while I did that, ultimately my dislike for the teacher and my fellow students outweighed the pros.

So I dropped the class and while I may regret that in the future, for now I am content with my decision. I’ll definitely take the class again either next semester or during the Winter/Summer sessions so at least having this gorgeous book won’t be a complete waste of $85.

Besides that little fail, my second week of class went fairly well. Anthropology is getting more and more interesting (though I seem to have missed an important section of the lecture… here’s hoping the terms are in my book) and Cinema is still fun, though I’ve definitely learned that I need to sleep earlier on Sundays/Tuesdays or risk falling asleep in class. I don’t want to be the kid Professor Krueger wakes up in the middle of class. How embarrassing would that be?

So yes, short blog this time but it was a very simple one.

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